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At Chocolate Company Retail bv we prepare your order with the utmost care so you can treat yourself or a loved one to an amazing chocolate adventure. Do you still have questions?

Mail to info@CHCOcompany.com or call our customer service in Kerkrade, on workdays from 8:30 to 17:00.

We also welcome any remarks or suggestions to improve the experience of our store. With those remarks, we aim to make the chocolate adventure even more fun and exciting.

Oops, did something go wrong?

In the event that the delivery of your order did not work out as desired, please contact us as quickly as possible on info@CHCOcompany.com or via the contact form on the website.

Handmade products are not all exactly the same and we are proud of that

Please keep in mind that our chocolate products are handmade, artisanal products. The delivered product can therefore be slightly different from the picture in the webshop. Our chefs try their hardest, but cooking with chocolate is an art, not a science.

Quality guarantee

Our products are prepared with the utmost care en are mostly labeled with an expiration date. For Bombon/chocolate-orders, we guarantee quality for at least 6 to maximum 12 weeks after your order date. This is the result of the fact that we mostly use natural products for our fillings. If you would still have complaints about quality, please contact us as soon as possible. We would like to receive your query within a reasonable amount of time after order.

Include contactinformation and order number

Please include your email or phone number as well as the order number so we can serve you well.

Response time

We strive to respond to your query within 48 hours.

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